What Is A DJ License?

Public reproduction, i.e. the commercial use of music or even just for profit, entails the legal liability of a natural or legal person. This is not only worth knowing, but simply necessary. It is worth thinking about what is public reproduction and DJ license. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in legal consequences.

DJ license – the case seems obvious, but, in our opinion, the extent of ignorance in this industry is still significant. Why is it so?

There may be at least several reasons for this. The most important of these: unawareness that the performance of music in public is associated with certain legal obligations.

A well-chosen musical repertoire is the key to a successful event and satisfied customers. However, it should also be remembered that the public performance of music entails the need to pay remuneration to its authors and copyright holders.

The owners of gastronomic establishments themselves are convinced that music is an important element in making a decision about choosing an establishment. However, not everyone remembers that performing music in public, like any other element of a successful event: food, drinks or interior design, must be paid.

The issue of music fees is governed by the Copyright and Related Rights Act. Such laws work in most countries of the world. Music is the basis of any event, especially New Year’s or carnival. This is what allows guests to have fun and can be the key to the success of the restaurant.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that when using music, you use the effect of the work of a whole team of people. We are talking about the composer, lyricist, producer and publisher. And they deserve to be paid for this work. Hence, the process of collecting money (royalties) for the public performance of music.

So, what exactly is “public performance of music”? In fact, the answer is simple – it’s any public place.

Summing up, a DJ, unless he is the organizer of the event, but only a person performing music, should only care about the legality of his music.

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Simply put, a DJ License is a guarantee of the availability of legal music, confirmed by a special ID. Currently, there are three types of it at the international level:

  1. gold – for participants with at least 5 years of experience;
  2. green – Adept, that is, for beginners;
  3. blue is for other active DJs.

To resolve the issue, contact the music licensing authority in your country. The license issued by this organization gives you the right to copy the song, as well as safe it to your hard drive or burn it to other media.

The rule of thumb is that you can only make one copy of such a work. However, it is worth making a backup copy, backup. Only that such media should be stored in a place where this music is not played. If only they were not accused of using a second copy for recovery.

Problems with the licensing of music performed in public are perceived differently in different countries. If in European countries this is an immutable rule, as in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, then, for example, in the vast majority of African countries, a significant part of DJs has not even heard of the need for any licenses for DJs.

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