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What Is A Song Called Without Vocals?

«What else can you call music without words?» – a question of many people. Musicians have many terms, for example: phonogram, arrangement or backing track, as many call it. Some may answer this question differently – «Most likely, instrumental or orchestral …». But we still dwell on the concept of «backing track».

The backing track is the same music, only without words, a phonogram without vocal accompaniment. To create this kind of music, they ideally select, process the sound and sound of the party (font, dynamics, timbre, phrasing, and not just a set of incompatible sounds and notes). There are several types of backing tracks that can be selected for each type of your social or creative activity. If a person wants to bring the sound of his voice closer to the voice of a famous singer, then he needs to use the original backing track. This type of backing track comes with the addition of backing vocals, which is very important.


A song without vocals is used in karaoke. To do this, with the help of special music editors, the original composition is divided into vocals and arrangements. After that, the vocals are completely or mostly removed. In this way, you can create a karaoke song from almost any original song. But the quality of the result will still be slightly lower than in the original version, because when processing a song in this way, some of the sounds are simply removed.

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Most often, professional musicians choose the original backing track. Sometimes it happens that unique backing tracks can sound better than the real one (original). A bad original backing track is one that is made for a «quick hand», it can be used to refer to any musical composition.

High-quality and good backing tracks are recorded in professional studios using various musical instruments or special computer equipment. It is worth noting that you can create a truly masterpiece on a computer without spending a large amount of money on a recording studio. People who write backing tracks use one part of the original piece, and finish the second with the help of a sequencer, a special program that automatically selects the desired frequency and tempo, timbre and sound. If a person has excellent hearing and enough knowledge, then he can create really good tracks. And the original or as they are also called by the native backing tracks are used for the original performer, but not for personal use.

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