What Is A Virtual DJ?

Virtual DJ is a program designed for DJs. The application contains useful functions for creating and mixing music for people involved in the organization of small and large events. Virtual DJ allows you to add sound effects and use various audio sources.

Virtual DJ is a music mixing software designed for both beginners and more experienced DJs. The application has a built-in mechanism that maintains the same tempo of the tracks being played, as well as functions known from the players – for example, scratching or looping.

Virtual DJ can work with two sound cards – it can play the first track on one channel, the second track on the other, or both at the same time. Thanks to this simple application, even a less advanced computer user can create their own music collections at home. Virtual DJ can be installed on computers running Windows and macOS operating systems.

With this program, you can easily create and edit audio files. You can even do it easily at home. Virtual DJ is free, as long as you don’t use it commercially and don’t use professional DJ equipment such as DJ controllers or DJ mixers. Professional DJs enjoy this app as well. They have long appreciated its effectiveness and ease of use.

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The free version of the Virtual DJ software will allow people who want to start their journey in the world of music to learn how to create various music tracks without having to incur high costs. The program also has an interesting feature that allows you to prepare music tracks for karaoke events.

The program gives you access to all the most necessary and most frequently used functions of experienced DJs. Every new person starting their musical journey with music mixing will have no problem using the program to create and mix soundtracks. It only takes a few minutes in the main window of Virtual DJ.

  • Virtual DJ is a music mixing program that has a very nice GUI for windows. On the main screen of the instrument, you will find a number of useful functions that make it easy to create your own music and edit existing ones. An interesting highlight is the presence of virtual disks that allow you to scratch just like on real turntables.
  • Virtual DJ is equipped with tools for sample synchronization, sound correction and changing the tone and sound source. Users will certainly appreciate the fact that this music mixing software for computer allows you to create clips with lyrics that we will successfully use at various karaoke events.
  • Virtual DJ is a powerful music production tool for your Microsoft Windows desktop or laptop. The program will allow you to mix various sound files, add various special effects and impressive transitions. With this free downloadable music software, we can not only edit music, but also create karaoke clips and live streaming, broadcast our own Internet radio with the ability to set a playlist and live mix.

Among the features of Virtual DJ you will find the ability to set a constant tempo for the songs being played and to play multiple songs simultaneously on multiple channels.

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