What is ACDC’s net worth?

ACDC is well-known even to people so outside the contemporary musical industry that they only listen to classical music and think Dizzy Rascal is an insult. This band has been a living legend for longer than many governments managed to stay in place. Coincidentally, one of the most interesting facts about ACDC was the instance when the US military used their tracks to torture a dictator: 

“In 1989, when Panama’s General Manual Noreiga took refuge in the Vatican Embassy, the US Military blared AC/DC’s music in his direction for two days straight. Despite a United Nations ban on the use of loud music during interrogations, they proceeded to use ‘Hell’s Bells’ as their weapon of choice. The dictator surrendered.” 

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Do you think their music is torture? 200 000 000 albums sold seem to indicate otherwise. Well, nothing that comes out of Sydney can be bad, right? This Australian band has been around for decades (since 1973), and, like expensive wine, just got better and better the more years passed. But if an album like Back In Black sells for $42 000 000, how much are they actually worth? One of the most notorious bands in history who owe their beginnings to Scots who named it after a label on a sewing machine (ALternating Current/Direct Current) is currently worth $380 000 000. Must be some powerful current!

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