What Is An Active Subwoofer For?

Indispensable for enjoying immersive sound, the subwoofer is an undeniable addition to your home sound setup as well as professional listening installations. An active subwoofer that adds zest to your varied sounds deserves careful selection because of the great role it plays on its own.

Also helping your Hi-Fi system and home theater sound system produce better bass, choosing the best active subwoofer is not only an initiative, but also a commitment. Indeed, the various specifications and configurations can be tricky to understand, and this post will help you get the bare minimum of knowledge for the optimal selection of this musical equipment.

Purchase 108 Sub is the cheapest for home use. Equipped with a frequency response of 40-125Hz, the Purchase 108 Sub A will surely satisfy you so that you can enjoy optimal sonic immersion. With 8″ dimensions and 220W of power, including 100W for the subwoofer and 2 x 60W for the satellites, a maximum sound pressure level of 116dB guarantees suitable use for most home installations.

The Speaker Twist is undoubtedly one of the best active subwoofers for a mini budget. Designed to be installed in your living room, on a small terrace or in a room to create an atmosphere for the public, this active subwoofer is defined by users as a true all-rounder. The combination of quality, good design and price is completely affordable. For most budgets, this subwoofer adapts perfectly to the needs of those with little knowledge of active subwoofers. Very easy to use and install, you won’t face any issues when setting up on your particular setup. Its medium weight is characterized by good weight distribution across all equipment.

The Behringer Eurolive B1200D Pro deserves your full attention, promising professional quality at a low price if you’re looking for a high performance active subwoofer. The amplified 12″ subwoofer offers you powerful sound that meets all your requirements. Equipped with a Class D digital crossover and a frequency response of 45 to 180 Hz, an integrated amplifier with 500 W output power completes it all. This huge power is sure to allow it to enjoy extraordinary bass volume, the B1200D Pro is suitable for both home setups and basic professional applications.

You also have a peak limiter which greatly optimizes the quality of the bass output. The integration of power indicator, limit and alarm LED optimizes everything together.

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With a very high quality design worthy of the Behringer brand, this subwoofer will serve you well over time. Ensuring maximum sound quality with a good kick for the enjoyment of viewers, every addition to the level of equipment is well thought out to provide you with a practical benefit. This active subwoofer from the Eurolive series promises you the best possible user experience.

Box pro TL 110, designed to meet the requirements of various conditions of use, is an option not to be overlooked if you are looking for good power at a reduced price. With 250W RMS for the subwoofer and 250W RMS for the satellites that deliver good sound amplification and well-perceived bass, this subwoofer is ideal for both enlivening a small room and fine-tuning the sonic immersion in your living space.

With a well-thought-out design that ensures ease of use and installation (starting with ready-made connectors), it can be easily installed. Very easy to install, in addition to its weight of 17 kg, which makes it easy to transport, the TL 110 adapts to all your needs. So you can move it and install it anywhere.

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