What is Apple Music Library?

Despite the fact that Apple has offered users a service for listening to music and radio, sometimes there is a desire to return to their media library on a computer and listen to it while traveling on an iPhone or iPad.

In order not to return to the old trick, not to look for a cable and not to connect an iOS gadget to the computer, while synchronizing the library, we offer several easy ways to download music through Apple Music and the iCloud media library.

What is Apple Music Library

To download your entire media library for offline listening using our suggested methods, you must subscribe to Apple Music and activate iCloud Media Library.

The simplest, but most time-consuming and labor-intensive, is downloading songs directly from Apple Music one track at a time. This method can only be suitable for those who have very little music in Apple Music, or when you want to download a new song you like. Otherwise, no one will transfer a library, in which there are several hundred, or thousands of tracks, one song at a time.

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The library will consist of the playlists you have created. You can share them with your friends. The search for suitable songs is carried out using special algorithms that suggest songs for you based on your musical preferences. The algorithms are based on the analysis of already listened to songs and your search queries on this service.

Next, open the Music application on your iPhone or iPad, go to the «Library» tab and select «Playlists».

If you have activated the media library, then the new playlist will appear in the list automatically. A cloud download icon will appear next to the playlist name, clicking on which you can download the entire media library to your device.

Here you need to take into account that the more songs are added to the playlist, the longer the download will take.

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