What Is Audiomac?

Back in 2012, the first streaming music platform Audiomack appeared on the market, which offers content from different musical genres and artists for any audience.

In addition to the catalog, Audiomack offers a download function so that users can access their music from any mobile device, while expert curators in detail such as the genres, medium and occasion offered by the site.

The platform will also provide unlimited access for independent record labels and creators to upload their content and share it with fans. The company also clarified that users will be able to open a free account to discover new artists and songs, with no limits or ad breaks.

One of Audiomack’s commitments is to keep artists and music creators safe. That’s why it has processed billions of threads with 99.9% uptime. Similarly, the company defines itself more than hosting as a free marketing platform that allows artists and music creators to monetize their productions.

Audiomack, has launched a new tool called Supporters. This new feature will allow fans to pay to support any track or album on the platform.

According to the platform, in addition to providing a new opportunity for artists to earn money, its Supporters tool also creates an exclusive connection between creators and fans, allowing listeners to directly contribute to releases. Fans will also have access to ownership tools and a display of shared achievements that will reflect their contributions. In addition, artists will be able to send messages directly to their Audiomack subscribers.

The Audiomack Supporter scheme appears to be intended as a gift and advice feature similar to many platforms where fans directly pay content creators.

This model is interesting and promising, but it raises a big question: should artists signed to labels share that income with the label, songwriters, or producers, as they do with other streaming music royalties?

As with SoundCloud, creators can upload content directly to Audiomack, as well as upload their music through a label or distributor. All those who upload content directly and connect to the Audiomack platform will receive 80% of the money received through the Supporters scheme.

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Remember that everything is subject to a payment processing fee, which will include the famous 35% discount from Apple and Google if the user provides support through the iOS or Android app.

At the moment it is not clear how this will work if the artist has a record deal with a label. While we know labeled artists will be involved as Warner Music, the first major company to have a licensing deal with Audiomack in 2021, is backing Supporters.

More than evident is the growing importance of direct monetization for fans and digital gifting tools on apps such as TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, as well as when using other music streaming services. The issue of monetization is always one of the main issues in the interaction between artists and music streaming services.

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