What is Automix on DJAY?

DJ software is diverse. Today you can find many applications that will become simply indispensable assistants for DJs.

It is to the category of reliable assistants of DJs that Automix on DJAY belongs. This software has a wide range of functionality. With its help, you can independently choose your favorite songs from a huge music library, and the DJ with artificial intelligence will create masterpieces of the mix from them.

The application has synchronization with your playlists from the media library and can create beautiful mixes itself based on efficient algorithms. If you do not like the random mix, then you can simply more accurately specify the parameters of mixing songs by setting a more accurate level or, for example, by turning on the function of cutting the beginning and end of tracks.

Automix can be considered an innovative technology with which DJs create almost ideal mixes from playlists. Moreover, the speed of the application is simply lightning fast. Therefore, there are no problems either during home DJ, or during concerts or discos.

You can only use Automix in an extended version of DJAY, which requires a monthly subscription. This feature is not available in the trial version.

Setting the Automix task is quite simple. You can use the mix function by first reading the user instruction. Next, you must specify the appropriate song mix options for you in the settings and specify the tracks you want to connect. You can also trust this task with the program itself. It will autonomously select suitable tracks based on your preferences and previously listened music.

Of course, the efforts of artificial intelligence will not always be productive, because no one, even almost ideal software, is immune from errors. That is why it is better to still set the parameters as accurately as possible and indicate all the tracks that need to be turned into an effective and incendiary mix.

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The application allows you to simultaneously mix several songs at once. The maximum number is four tracks. You can set in the settings the number of tracks that you want to turn into a mix, for example, two, three or four.

The ability to create mixes based on artificial intelligence has significantly increased the popularity of DJ software. This is convenient and effective. DJ does not need to independently engage in cutting tracks in their perfect combination.

By the way, the later the DJ software you use, the more advanced the Automix feature will be.

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