What Is Beatport

The distribution of music today has become the task of the Internet. Hundreds of music streaming services offer their services to novice and experienced artists.

Beatport is a content service for music lovers and music lovers. It runs a streaming service and stores digital music online. Beatport was founded in 2004 and specializes in distributing a series of electronic music pieces that it has carefully selected. According to its catalogue, you can increase the number of musical genres such as house, techno or dubstep.

The service is one of the major electronic music platforms worldwide and is the ideal place to publish digital music for producers, artists and DJs.

Beatport has been a factor in the growth of artists, and you can be one of those musicians who started their careers thanks to this service.

Its distribution requires preliminary evaluation. To distribute your music on Beatport and other platforms, you will need the services of a music distributor.

Hype is the company’s subscription program, limited to a monthly amount of just 9 euros.

It combines several labels with a similar profile and income level, which gives them visibility and positioning on the Internet with the presence of other labels in an expanding market.

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Participation in the program means that:

  • Label releases can be positioned in any Beatport Hype promotional section in various genres, as well as certain aspects of their store.
  • Not all labels or musicians are platform compliant and therefore it is very important to have a distributor who will help you go further and knows that different music platforms have Beatport.
  • You should keep in mind that Beatport specializes in certain genres focused on electronic urban music. Therefore, approval is required for distribution on the platform. The process can take up to a week or more depending on certain features.

Keep in mind that if your music doesn’t fit the genres they work with, you won’t be able to distribute it.

So, Beatport is a service that is great for niche musicians and provides them with great opportunities. For them, this service is a much better prospect than any of the music streaming services.

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