What Is Bugs In K-pop?

Almost any South Korean music streaming service cannot be a priori indifferent to K-рop music, just as South Korean listeners cannot be indifferent to it.

Considering that local users mainly use K-pop and OST music rather than foreign pop music, it is also noted that the competitiveness of any foreign music streaming service in Korea is somewhat lower.

Swedish music streaming service Spotify showed a strong interest in K-pop even before entering the domestic market and introduced it as its main service content. But everything turned out to be not so simple.

Bugs Music conducts normal service in the domestic market and has the ability to expand marketing with K-pop around the world. In particular, Spotify has gathered users with a service that allows users to enjoy free music instead of listening to ads abroad, but Korea has blocked the free use of this method. In addition to a free trial service for a certain period of time, Bugs Music’s price is higher than most other companies.

Therefore, it cannot be said that apart from Bugs Music, no one in Korea is engaged in the distribution of K-pop. In fact, everyone is doing it. But it is this company that has largely succeeded in this direction.

There are a lot of bands in Asia that make reference to K-pop, but there are also cases where this musical style comes through on its own. The members of K-pop music have also changed. People from different countries such as Thailand, China, as well as Korea and Japan are active members of K-pop groups. Now this phenomenon in music can no longer be called a true Korean exclusive.

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It has been said that imitation is the mother of creation, and just as K-pop created a new direction by combining numerous musical branches, South Korean pop originally took one or two K-pop works as a reference, but has now developed them to the maximum. .

Not only in Korea, but all over the world, Bugs Music generates and streams not only K-pop music, but also music videos to the point where no one has been so influenced by K-pop. After all, there are subscribers of this streaming service not only in South Korea. Music lovers and, in particular, K-pop music lovers on all continents subscribe to the service.

Today we can safely say that it is Bugs Music that is one of the leaders in the distribution and popularization of K-pop style music among fans. And this is relevant not only directly for Korea, but also for the whole world, because this service cannot be called only South Korean, it is used all over the world. This phenomenon is also true for Thailand, which is the cultural center of Southeast Asia. In particular, as a musical movement based on strong masculinity, it was Korea that was the first to showcase K-pop in many ways and had a great influence on the popularity of this musical style around the world.

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