What Is Bugs Music?

It is possible that not all music lovers know what Bugs Music is. For those who haven’t come across it, let’s say that this is a South Korean music streaming app that is very popular in Korea itself and throughout the region.

Bugs Music is not as famous as Spotify or Apple Music, but it is considered one of the most popular music streaming apps in Korea. This platform has several exclusive features that make it stand out from the crowd of music streaming services.

Bugs Music has a library of about 40 million tracks. About 10 million of this number are in FLAC quality, which means music without loss of sound quality. This streaming service is developed and implemented on the SONAR platform. What it is?

 What Is Bugs Music

This is currently Korea-exclusive music content quality assurance technology that guarantees the highest level of high-quality sound.

It is a big data-based personalized recommendation streaming service that is being actively promoted not only in Korea, but also in the global market. Bugs recommends music tailored to individual tastes by accurately analyzing usage patterns, including search history as well as music streaming and download history of Bugs members.

 Bugs Music subscribers receive a varied and detailed list of recommendations daily through the Music 4U menu. Also, if you click the “Like” button on your favorite artist, you can get a notification service that allows you to check news of new albums and related content immediately.

Another music recommendation service, Music PD, is a service where Bugs members choose a topic, select music that suits them, and recommend it to other members under the Music PD album name.

The Korean company Bugs announced in 2014 that it would transform into an entertainment content company by protecting original content. Instead of just distributing copyrighted sound sources to musicians, the company plans to transform into a production company that produces various content in-house, including sound sources.

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You can’t say that Bugs Music is all right. Currently, the music streaming platform is at the bottom of the Korean music streaming market. Recently, with the arrival of foreign giants such as YouTube Music and Spotify in the Korean domestic market, the user experience has expanded, and even Melon and Genie Music, which are considered the first and second largest operators in Korea, are facing the problems of fierce competition for the share of domestic market.

This competitive situation has actually led to a deterioration in the profitability of the music streaming service. Due to the revenue structure of this music service, it was inevitable for Bugs with a small number of users to reduce its profits.

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