What Is Deezer 360 Reality Audio?

The French music streaming service Deezer has a free version that can be used all the time and a paid version with multiple subscription plans. Paid subscribers have a one-month free trial during which they must decide whether to continue using the streaming platform.

The good thing about listening to music is that our senses are stimulated by every note and melody. So Deezer 360 Reality Audio can enhance this musical practice. This streaming platform app allows users to listen to updated music that creates a sensory sound field. As if the songs do not come from the headphones, but from different points scattered around the environment in 360 degrees. The experience can be enhanced with compatible headphones.

Deezer has developed this platform to provide Deezer HiFi subscribers with an enhanced experience. This modality offers songs in a free lossless audio codec (FLAC). This means the audio is of CD quality, superior to what is typically offered on digital platforms.

The Deezer 360 Reality Audio app creates virtual speakers that maximize the spatial sound field. Instruments become independent objects that the listener can even tune and place in different positions. In this way, the listener is truly immersed in the music, feeling as if the sound is dancing around him.

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Deezer 360 RA is available for iOS and Android. Deezer reports that high audio quality on Android smartphones may cause skipping or “dropouts” in music.

In addition, it is important to ensure an Internet connection speed of at least 5 Mbps. This ensures that FLAC tracks are played without quality loss. Deezer 360 Reality Audio music can be listened to with any headphones. However, this technology is best used with Sony’s 360 Reality Audio line of headphones as they allow for advanced spatial sound field customization.

It should be noted that this feature will not be valid in all 185 countries in which the French music streaming service is currently legally operating. First of all, it will work in those countries where the percentage of free subscribers to premium users tends to be dominated by paid subscriptions to the service.

This is quite justified, because it is in these countries that the streaming platform receives the most profit and can invest in further development and implementation of various innovations that give it additional competitive advantages in the global music market.

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