What is discussed after the Grammy?

On social networks. The press and television do not tire of discussing the results of the Grammy Awards, which took place in Los Angeles on March 14.

According to general opinion, the Grammy 2021 was not the same as in previous years. And I would like the «pandemic» ceremony of presenting music awards to be the first and only in the history of this prestigious international music competition.


Despite the restrictions, the Recording Academy managed to arrange a decent show – for the most part. Usually this show takes place in a different, much more open format. The ceremony in 2021 resembled some kind of closed private event, at which gold gramophones were presented.

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Due to the pandemic this year, the event was postponed mainly online, and only presenters and some performers appeared in the studio. Correspondents of various world publications could not fully fulfill professional duties, since there were serious restrictions on the number of media representatives present at the ceremony. In addition, many of them complained about the poor quality of WiFI connection.

Most of the criticism of the Grammy founders was caused by the variety of nominees and those who were nominated for what. Many world-famous performers simply announced a Grammy boycott, accusing the organizers of the show of corruption and bias against many representatives of the music world. Someone simply did not come to receive a golden gramophone, and someone openly expressed his discontent with posts on social networks.

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