What Is Dolby Atmos Of Apple Music

Apple Music is steadily conquering the global market. The company from Cupertino adds more and more new features to the service that make it more convenient and functional. Despite all attempts to switch to alternatives to this music streaming service, there is less and less sense in this.

The latest features that have appeared in Apple Music include a significant increase in the quality of musical compositions and an expansion of the volume of the music library, as well as tracks with support for spatial sound. This is a very popular feature of Apple Music. But to realize the effect of surround sound, you need to use very good sound reproduction equipment.

Dolby Atmos assumes lossless audio files and makes it possible to listen to music with the effect of a concert hall. The feeling of using Dolby Atmos is hard to put into words. To understand, you should listen to music with this effect at least once, in order to then strive to use this opportunity again and again.

How to enable “Lossless Audio Files” and Dolby Atmos:

  1. on iPhone and iPad: open “Settings”, go to the “Music” section, pay attention to the Dolby Atmos menu and “Sound Quality”;
  2. on Mac: open “Music”, expand “Settings”, go to the “Playback” section, pay attention to the items “Lossless Audio Files” and Dolby Atmos.

As it turns out, many people think that the new music formats are only available on Apple mobile devices.

Categories in your Apple Music library can be very flexible. What to do:

  1. click on the “Edit” button on iPhone and iPad or “Edit” on Mac;
  2. select the categories you want to keep or remove.

If you have combined your music collection into playlists, then in this case you do not need to search for tracks by artist or other criteria. Just organize your playlists into folders on Mac and it will automatically transfer to iPhone and iPad if “Library Sync” is enabled.

Folders will help sort all the playlists from your personal media library, which can be very convenient if there are a lot of them. You can also move moderator playlists to folders and freeze them.

Duplicate moderator playlists, and after that on Mac you can easily transfer them to any folders you want. In the standard, moderator playlists cannot be moved to folders and edited. Moreover, duplication will help to fix their content from an unexpected change that may occur at the most inopportune moment.

The amount of downloaded music on iPhone and iPad can be limited. For this:

  1. open “Settings”;
  2. go to the “Music” section;
  3. expand the “Storage Optimization” menu;
  4.  select the desired volume.

In order not to clog the storage with only tracks, the automatic download process can be easily limited. If you have an older version of your smartphone, then it is likely that you are experiencing problems and inconvenience due to the relatively small amount of memory. In this case, you will need to either refuse to download tracks with the ability to listen to them offline, or use the option to limit the amount of downloaded data.

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