What Is Driving Mode In Spotify?

Undoubtedly, it is the Swedish music streaming service Spotify that can be of interest to the largest number of music lovers around the world. The service has amassed almost 460 million users today, of which almost half pay to subscribe to its services.

Note that Spotify has a free and paid version. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Spotify’s Driving Mode is a dedicated feature for motorists that allows you to listen to music without taking your eyes off the road. Developers are constantly working to improve it.

Spotify’s Driving Mode allows you to control your music using voice commands, without being distracted from the road by pressing buttons. The user can ask Spotify to turn the player on or off, play a song of any artist or genre.

The function is designed to reduce the risk of traffic accidents. You can also use it at home when your hands are busy. The interface is represented by a minimum of large-scale buttons.

Spotify Driving Mode is available for wired, wireless use with a smartphone and car audio system. Spotify while driving can be used like this:

  • Embedded application in car speakers. Spotify is built into the stereo systems of some modern cars, which no longer requires any installation and configuration.
  • Wireless connection. You can connect your phone to the Bluetooth wireless speakers, and then automatically turn on the music in the car mode. If it doesn’t, Driving Mode can be turned on manually by opening Spotify – Settings – Car.
  • Wired connection via USB or AUX cable.
  • Connection through the application. For the iPhone, there is the CarPlay program, for Android – Android Auto. Before setting up, you need to make sure that the phone and car meet the requirements.

Using this unique feature, each driver will be able to drive their car more attentively, without being distracted by music searches and other settings of the car’s music system. Accordingly, this feature potentially reduces the risk of an accident on the road or injury to a pedestrian due to the driver’s inattention while he was searching for his favorite song.

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How to use Driving Mode in CarPlay:

  1. Turn on Siri.
  2. For a wired connection, connect your smartphone to the car via a USB cable. For wireless, hold the voice command button on the steering wheel.
  3. Open iPhone settings, General and go to CarPlay.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

You can use this feature for other devices as well. For example, consider how the Android Auto app works:

  • You must first start the car, put it into parking mode.
  • Connect your phone and car with a cable.
  • Carry out the setup according to the instructions on the screen.

Driving Mode allows you to improve road safety without giving up listening to your favorite music. It can be run wirelessly or wired, using the built-in application, or through programs on iOS and Android systems.

And, you guessed it, to use the Driving mode, you need to have a premium subscription to the Swedish music streaming service.

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