What Is Hi-Res Audio?

It is easy to assume that in the near future the sound quality of audio content played by streaming services will constantly grow. And not only will there be new tariffs for high-resolution audio, but also a variety of format-compatible playback devices that can fully unleash the full benefits of lossless digital music.

Therefore, today, many music lovers are interested in the audio content formats that can be listened to on music streaming services. Of course, there is nothing surprising in the fact that a true connoisseur of music strives to achieve the best and most complete sound.

Hi-Res is high-resolution sound recorded in audio files that allows you to play audio tracks as close to the original as possible and get the most vivid music listening experience.

It is the sound quality, preserved in the process of “archiving” and transmitted to the listener as fully as possible, with a high frequency and dynamic range, that is the hallmark of high-resolution audio.

What is the beatness of music? From this phenomenon directly depends on how detailed the information about the sound is encoded. The higher the bit depth, the more accurately the sound is described in the file, the greater the depth of its sound, the higher the richness of its colors and shades. B

Due to the high “bit” in the same way as due to the high resolution of the image, fragments are not visible, the plot is perceived as a whole, without flaws. However, even a small increase in bit depth significantly increases the file size.

For the average listener or novice sound engineer, the following points are extremely important: easy access to a variety of music, no need to purchase expensive equipment for listening or working with data.

Now services for streaming music playback (streaming) are gaining popularity. Such state-of-the-art file compression technologies reduce the bandwidth requirements of the mobile Internet and make it possible to say that listening to music in Hi-Res quality is very simple.

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Now there is no need for the consumer to physically store his library, buy servers or hard drives: everything is stored in the cloud. This is an extremely fast, convenient and inexpensive way to expand your musical preferences to infinite limits.

With all the variety of sound formats, there is a belief among audiophiles that only uncompressed formats, such as DSD or WAVE, can provide the coolest sound, provided that they are played on decent equipment.

Other music lovers who collect huge audio libraries are primarily interested in the degree of compression without loss of quality, because in this case, you can save terabytes of memory. Third parties are interested in Hi-Res music that can be quickly found and listened to anywhere from any source – formats adapted for audio streaming are of particular value to them.

It should be said that for a long time such a format of audio content with almost no loss of quality remained the exclusive tool of professionals in the music industry. But over time, it began to appear more and more on the Internet and as a result won the hearts of a wide audience. At the same time, many true music lovers are not stopped by the need to purchase author’s discs and expensive equipment.

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