What Is HMV In Music?

HMV Music powered by KKBOX is a UK-based fixed-fee monthly music streaming service that allows you to listen to music anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

So far, this brand is not as popular as, for example, Spotify or Apple Music. But it belongs to the category of those companies that are at the beginning of their creative path.

In addition to over 40 million songs and over 5,000 playlists, HMV will consistently provide a variety of playlists, such as playlists created by buyers with rich musical knowledge unique to HMV, and playlists created by the artists themselves. In addition, the service provides customers with new ways to enjoy music and experiences that did not exist before, such as initiatives that link real touchpoints such as stores and concert venues to digital distribution.

HMV claims that the company’s goal is to become the most successful international retailer of music, books and videos, and it has a clear strategy to achieve this goal.

Interestingly, this brand in the music market can be considered one of the oldest. The first record store with this name was opened by the Gramophone Company in London’s Oxford Street in 1921, and the name HMV has also been used for televisions and radios produced since the 1930s.

HMV stands for His Master’s Voice. This is the title of a well-known piece by the artist Francis Barraud, in which Nipper listens to a phonograph cylinder purchased by the Gramophone Company in 1899.

Periodically, the subtext of the picture changed, as did the technique depicted on the canvas. It was replaced with a clockwork gramophone for promotional purposes and was eventually used simply as a silhouette.

The Gramophone Company was founded in 1902. In 1907 construction began on a new dedicated recording factory in Hayes, Middlesex. Since then, dozens of factories have been built and are operating in the 1970s. During the decade of the 1970s, the company continued to grow and expand its capabilities, doubling in size, and in six years became the leading specialty music retailer in the United Kingdom, actively engaged in the production of musical equipment.

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In 1996, HMV celebrated 75 years since its founding. This is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the music industry, not only in the UK, but throughout the world.

By 2018, HMV had taken second place in the UK entertainment market behind Amazon. But just a year later, she overtook her main competitor in the music market and began to completely dominate the British music market.

Today it is HMV that is considered the largest retailer in the UK music market. During the pandemic and related quarantine restrictions, all music stores were closed, causing the company to suffer huge losses.

In July 2021, HMV celebrated its 100th anniversary. Large corporate celebrations were timed to coincide with this date, some of which were never destined to take place due to the same pandemic.

In the future, KKBOX will continue to offer innovative music experiences and encounters with timeless masterpieces and compelling songs from all over the world for all music lovers through the development of services and cooperation projects with other industries.

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