What Is LiveXLive Powered By Slacker?

This company appeared on the market back in 2004. Its founders were Selit Milbrandt and Dennis Mudd. Dennis himself by this time already had considerable experience in creating music streaming services. His offspring called MusicMatch was sold on the stock exchange for a lot of money.

So, there were already funds for the implementation of a new and promising startup. But it was still necessary to build up a client base, which was what its founders did in the first years of the company’s existence.

The turning point in the history of the company was September 2007, when deals were made with four major world-class recording companies.

LiveXLive’s initial achievements were the release of its own software, which was a portable music player compatible with most platforms.

In February 2013, there was a certain pause in the company’s activities, which lasted almost two years until December 2014. Since then, a new updated version of the application has been released. A redesign and relaunch was made, including a new logo, a red, white, and black color scheme, and a complete overhaul of the user interface for all platforms.

The well-known software company Slacker acquired this service in 2017. There were dramatic changes that included the transition of the platform to the status of a music streaming service.

And at that moment it was quite a logical and correct decision, because this period was a period of rapid growth in the popularity of music streaming services, which as a result occupied more than 80% of the global music market.

On April 13, 2021, the entire top management of the company almost completely changed. There was also a rebranding. Now the service was called LiveOne. It is under this name that he is known today to a wide range of users.

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The main feature is the system for selecting a playlist according to the user’s preferences – based on previously listened tracks. There are also atypical solutions, such as audio books for children, neuromusic – endless music to focus on work and creativity, podcasts on a variety of topics.

The streaming service offers the ability to save music and listen to it offline, allows you to create your own playlists, and much more. In addition, it has a built-in track recognition function – a nice bonus that will make it easier to find the song you like. There are all the basic functions – playlists of the day, a chart of the best songs, a selection of tracks in any genre

In 2021, worldwide music streaming revenue reached $19.4 billion, more than 28 times what it was a decade ago. Today, the music industry is literally based on streaming. In 2021, the number of streaming service subscribers worldwide exceeded 600 million people.

By the way, the Swedish music streaming service Spoily alone has over 400 million users worldwide. About 170 million of them are paid premium users.

LiveOne belongs to the category of music streaming services that are based on internet radio. The closest competitor is Pandora radio, which is very popular in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

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