What is Media Composer First?

Avid has released a free version of its popular video editor called Media Composer First and in most cases offers the same functionality as its older, commercial version, but has a number of restrictions on the number of involved tracks and video and audio codecs. The program will be of interest to both beginners and experienced users.

Originally on the market was Avid Media Composer, which has long been used by film and television professionals. Now Avid has made an abridged version of their professional tool called Media Composer First, which is available to download and use free of charge.

The free version of First works basically the same way as the older professional version. Some restrictions apply to the number of tracks in the work and the resolution of the final material, namely: no more than four video and eight audio tracks are available, and export can be made only in Quicktime H.264 and DNxHD formats, with a resolution of 1080p at 59.94 frames per second. So if you already got used to making 4K video, then Media Composer First will not suit you, although you can import 4K files and use them for editing.

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Since Avid Media Composer First has become a lite version of a professional tool, the interface may seem less intuitive than that of hobbyist editors, and the capabilities are far beyond what you need to create a home movie or typical YouTube video. However, Media Composer First provides an amazingly powerful set of features for free – ideal for students, for example, or for enthusiasts looking to take the big step towards professional video production.

When installing the program, you must install both the Media Composer First application itself and the Avid Application Manager, as without this manager and without authorization on the Avid website, the program will not start.

So, users received a free version of a well-proven video editing program, which many years ago became an almost ideal assistant for amateurs and professionals who are engaged in online editing of videos, films, and so on. In most cases, 4 video tracks should be enough, however, for comfortable work, as a rule, you may need 2 more tracks, but this is not possible. Obviously, this limitation was made quite deliberately and deliberately. 8 tracks of audio should be enough for most situations.

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