What Is Needed To DJ With A Laptop?

DJing has gone digital, and this has significantly lowered the barrier to entry for those who do not yet have sufficient funds to purchase expensive professional equipment. Today, it is enough to have a modern laptop and be able to work with one or more specialized programs.

A DJ is not perceived as a singer or a musical group: it is not the DJ who is the star of the evening, but the music. So the music is the most important, not the girl or the guy in the DJ room. The DJ’s mission is to entertain, not to become entertainment.

A good DJ needs to master musical balance. He needs to know how to entertain people, including current hits, retro hits, as well as completely unexpected mixes. The exciting part of DJing on a laptop is trying to do whatever you want to do with just the mouse and keyboard. The ideal would be to have a controller, but that’s a technical detail. The hardest part for a DJ is creating really good sets and figuring out which mixes don’t work and which do.

Of course, the old school will always have its place in DJ history, but the future is overwhelmingly digital. From CDJs to controllers, DVS and laptop DJing, the advancement of digital DJing is relentless, and more and more are turning to these modernized methods of teaching and mastering the art.

We live in a new era and it’s time to embrace it. Digital DJ platforms offer value, flexibility and power. They made DJing easier, more convenient and more accessible.

Dedicated DJ apps Serato and Traktor have put a lot of effort into portable DJ functionality, and both offer free versions that do the job well. UltraMixer and Virtual DJ are further optimized for laptop use, and while they may lack the ability to expand with hardware such as controllers, they are hard to beat for those looking exclusively for portable DJ solutions, especially at events and events where a compact an all-in-one device requires a group solution.

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More advanced laptops may have built-in audio interfaces with multiple inputs and outputs. This will allow you to control your mix on your headphones, as well as play the sound through your speakers.

Not all laptops have this. For example, most Macs only have a speaker or headphone output. If you only have one audio output, you will need a USB interface that allows you to connect speakers and headphones, or a simple splitter cable.

Splitters are good and will work for basic setups where you just want to connect to your speakers via a normal AUX cable, but still be able to control the audio through your headphones.

However, interfaces are better if you want to route audio to mixers or other devices, or if you want to output the highest quality audio to club systems.

So, the ability to DJ only with a laptop opens the door to the exciting profession of DJing for many. You can start training just at home on the couch by downloading a free version of one of the specialized programs, and grow further to a professional level.

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