What Is Netlabel?

At the dawn of the development of the global music market, signing a contract with a well-known label was a prerequisite for the success of an artist. This is understandable, because even the most talented performers are unlikely to be known to the general public. The signing of the agreement provided the artist with impressive advertising campaigns and retail access, as well as the studio’s own recording copyright, in addition to high-quality studio recordings.

However, with the advent of the Internet, the global development of the Internet and the freedom of information, network labels and free access labels are becoming more and more popular.

Netlabels have evolved with the advent of digital formats. The use of these formats means the creation of music recordings of acceptable quality and compact size. Network labels rarely promote bands, play gigs, or defend their rights. The owners of these companies are focused on the rejection of distribution of products via the Internet and the creation of physical media.

Open source labels publish copylefted music. What do you mean? In this case, users can easily copy and modify works published under these labels.

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Napster is the most infamous file sharing service from the end of the last century to the beginning of this century. Introduced in the US in 1999, this file-sharing network has radically changed the music industry. However, two years after I started working, its existence ended. Unlike other similar file sharing networks, it has a central server, is very accessible and intuitive to use. The server contained only information about the file, and the file itself was downloaded directly from the user’s computer.

Music market analysts are unanimous in assessing the degree of so-called influence, according to various estimates, 10-88 percent of the Big Three companies. global music market. But the very structure of such a label is similar to a nesting doll. The label itself is a subsidiary of the media holding. And it begins to make many of its own branches around itself. Within these companies, there are many online platforms that deliver music.

With the development of streaming services, the role of online publishers has expanded significantly. With just a few clicks online, you can host your music on your music streaming platform. This song may appear in your site’s music library for a few hours or up to 3 days.

However, in this case, the author does not sign a paper contract and all work is done directly on the site. However, the author pays upfront to post their music. No one can predict an artist’s potential earnings. Moreover, Internet companies do not promote or invest in artist advertising. As a result of this approach, almost all the worries about creating an image and building a successful musical career fall solely on the shoulders of the artist. This is a serious shortcoming of such a system.

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