What Is Not The Most Famous DJing Software?

When it comes to choosing equipment and software, it’s ultimately up to you, your budget, and the type of DJ you want to be. Equipment can always be upgraded, such as selling old equipment and buying new equipment in the future. Basic hardware like speakers and headphones can last a long time without needing an upgrade, but music players and controllers require a significant investment and it’s important to make the right choice.

Logic Pro is one of the most complete music production software on the market, and also one of the most difficult to use, especially for those just getting into music production.

Logic Pro is not as intuitive as other software available on the market, but is certainly one of the most complete. The cost of the software is about $200.


  1. Its main focus is on native plugins (for those who don’t know, native plugins are applications that run inside software to perform 2 main functions: sound generation (synthesizer) and effect creation (like echo) in addition to other functions ) are the best and with the highest quality of the native line and at the same time you save on buying plug-ins from other manufacturers.
  2. Logic supports notes that may not be used much in the world of electronic music, but some musicians need this feature to create melodies.
  3. You can also control Logic from your iPad with the Remote app. Remote turns your tablet into a wireless deck.


  1. Difficult. Lots of submenus and functions that may not be necessary for electronic music. In order to be one of the most complete, 30% of the software is not used by most manufacturers because these are very specific resources. This makes it 10,000 submenus and makes it one of the hardest for beginners.
  2. Version upgrades are free, but each time you change versions, you will be charged for purchasing the new version.

DJ Music Music Mixer is one of the DJ programs aimed at both amateur and professional audiences.

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That’s because it does real-time mixing and effect matching, as well as automatic melody pairing, sampling, smart looping, and pitch and mix modifications.

The most interesting feature of DJ Music Mixer is the ability to record your mixes live.

Editor of Let’s Mix. This program is for those who are looking for something simpler. This is because the software does not have the functions of turntables, knobs and faders.

Its interface is very similar to iTunes, with the difference that it recognizes the BPM of the tracks. Perhaps the only negative point of Let’s Mix Editor is when the user gets carried away with the program and misses more advanced features, leaving to look for other software. This is the last one on our list of DJ programs. If you want to do live performances and mixes, this program is not recommended for you. However, it’s an interesting way to understand how a sequencer works. In this software, the user can develop their own rhythm with the help of multiple drum presets.

Zulu DJ Software is a program that is suitable for both experienced and beginner DJs. Here you will come across extensive functionality and an easy-to-understand interface. Zulu DJ is great for mixing. You will be able to apply all the effects as the tracks are played, invent interesting transitions between them. The program works on PC and Mac. There is a function of listening to the next track before playing it. Instant BPM detection helps you play with the rhythm of a song as it plays.

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