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What Is Roku Express?

The Roku Express streaming device is an interesting option for those who consume a lot of streaming content. If you are serious about music or just love music and good sound, then you probably know about the music app Roku, which has been used by avid music lovers for a long time.

The Roku Express is a simpler streaming box that is also a TV box and is a direct competitor to the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast. Roku Express can be connected to any new and old TV, it provides remote control, integration with a branded application and displays content in Full HD.

The Roku Express is a compact, straight forward device that allows for a simple, no-nonsense setup. So much so that the product has only two ports: HDMI and micro USB. Next to the latter is a reset button. All this means that the company’s offering prioritizes convenience, as it is quick and easy to transport and install on another TV.

  • In addition to the box, Roku sends a 60 cm HDMI cable for installation that connects to the TV and the Express, and there’s another micro USB cable to power the device.
  • Adhesive tape is also included and allows you to attach the set-top box to your TV if you prefer. If you choose to attach it, the box cannot be hidden as it works with infrared and unfortunately no Bluetooth.
  • Simplicity is also seen in the remote control – unlike the Google Chromecast – which requires the use of a mobile phone. The control sent here follows the suggestion to be compact, with a few buttons and some highlighted ones that change in each region.
  • Once everything is connected, the setup step is pretty easy and intuitive, but be prepared for 10 minutes of setup, especially if you don’t have a Roku account. When you first set up your streaming box, it pushed out a software update that took less than two minutes. In addition, the system automatically analyzes the HDMI connection to determine the best screen type.

Although many details are not disclosed by the company itself, Roku Express runs its own operating system, and the interface is so simple that Globoplay is the only pre-installed application. And there is an explanation for this: both companies are partners. Unsurprisingly, the Globoplay button is under Express control and may appear in future Roku products.

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As for the interface, note that everything is organized without much information: the menu with the home screen, search, streaming channels and settings is located in the left corner, and in the middle you can see the installed channels.

Roku Express lives up to its promise of being a cool streaming-focused product. One really cool thing about Express is its advanced search, which allows you to quickly and seamlessly find movies on various streaming services.

Even with a wide catalog, Roku Express might not be as good value for those looking for very high quality when watching streaming content. It displays content up to Full HD, but it still can hardly be properly connected to a 4K TV. It is important to note that this is a simpler streaming box from an American company, which explains the lack of 4K. If you want something more complete and with native 4K, you’ll have to resort to Roku Premiere.

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