What Is Serato Play?

Megapopular DJing app Serato has changed the game for portable DJs with the release of the new Serato Play expansion pack. If earlier for full-fledged DJing it was necessary to purchase expensive equipment, in particular, a controller, then with the new version of the application, the need for additional financial costs has significantly decreased.

Designed specifically for laptop DJing, Serato Play works with both Serato Lite and Serato Pro. It costs $29, so if you pair it with the free Serato DJ Lite, that’s all you need to spend.


  1. Serato DJ Lite is free
  2. Crystal clear intuitive interface
  3. Easily connects to controllers
  4. Serato Play expands your DJ experience on your laptop at a fraction of the cost

Serato Play is a very famous DJ software but is trusted by people in the know and is a vital tool in many DJ arsenals.

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It’s a dedicated software for DJs, it’s designed to pack everything you could possibly need into one massive piece of software that, at least in the paid version, has an absolutely plethora of features. However, the lite version is generous, and for laptop DJs who don’t care about extra niche features, it’s hard to beat.

Serato Play is primarily designed with DJ and event functions in mind. DJs hosting indoor and outdoor corporate events, sporting events, conferences, trade shows and other non-musical events need a reliable setup that runs like clockwork for hours without DJ involvement. After all, you just can’t play an energetic DJ set all day or night.

Serato Play includes all your usual DJ tools and features, such as waveform viewing and mixer functions, with a video DJ module that can connect to lighting equipment, a live text module that can connect to projectors, and an advertising module . It is designed to seamlessly interface with other devices used at large non-musical events and serves as an AV control room and DJ setup.

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