What is Sibelius?

A program for writing scores, like any other software, must be well written, functional and practical, as well as provide users with a convenient and understandable user interface.

The Sibelius program is, perhaps, the most convenient of the editors, which allows you to create and edit any notes and save them in a convenient format: several options for graphic formats or an audio midi file. By the way, the name of the program is the name of the famous Finnish romantic composer Jan Sibelius.

The main task of this class of programs is to create compositions from notes and their subsequent provision in a printed version. Of course, hand-writing musical notation using pen and paper can be more fun and carry a subtle flavor of creativity that a program can never replace.

However, you may be faced with more mundane tasks that are much easier to solve with automated tools. For example, duplicating repeating parts of compositions, inserting notes in the right places, dragging notes from one part to another, which, when manually compiled, can be solved up to composing a composition or a separate page of a musical notation from scratch.

What is Sibelius

The program allows you to create high-quality melodies using a computer keyboard in keyboard emulation mode. It is a sheet music program used by renowned arrangers and composers. The application is compatible with other studio sound editors.

Written musical scores can be played, saved in graphic format or published on popular resources (YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook). The application instantly synchronizes with virtual sequencers and synthesizers, can convert MIDI tracks to notes and vice versa. Supports VST and MusicXML extensions and hardware connectivity. The studio has a user-friendly interface with logically grouped controls. However, before working with the program, it is advisable for beginners to have an idea of ​​musical notation.

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For example, many popular electronic songwriters use Sibelius to record instrumental parts and then process them in third-party studio software.

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