What is Slash net worth?

There are few less popular bands than Guns n Roses. The name itself is enough to conquer the hearts of fans all over the world even for a mediocre band, and they make great music too! Saul Hudson, probably more familiar to you as Slash, is an American rock guitarist of British descent and Guns тэ Roses’s lead guitarist.

He’s up there with some of the most recognizable names in music history, and, as you probably gathered, he’s not exactly poor. Even people not familiar with the music world at all heard of his albums like Living The Dream and World On Fire. Slash also starred in movies, South Park, musicals, and played himself in Lemmy. 

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Slash, as all top level musicians, didn’t do too badly financially with a  net worth of $90 million, most of which he spends on conditioner. The distinct look also made him one of the most stylish faces in the rock genre and created endless styles that lived on and evolved into more expressive and vivid forms but nevertheless always remained recognizable. That’s a long way to go from playing a guitar with just one string at 15!

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