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What is so Special about Spotify?

Spotify is a Sweden-based music service that is available in almost 120 countries, including Russia and Ukraine. It has a catalog of more than 50 million songs and 4 billion track playlists. The app can be used online, on computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, televisions, and 3D-stereos.

Why Spotify Hits the Spotlight

Spotify offers a legal opportunity to listen to music online from a very large music library with many albums that are unavailable on other platforms. However, users like the platform not only for this opportunity. So what is so special about Spotify?

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The main benefit of Spotify is its music matching algorithms, which are almost ideally adapted to your own listening tastes. If you enable the ‘Music non-stop’ function in the settings, similar tracks will automatically play when the playlist ends. You can often find something new for you there.

There are also thematic playlists made by other listeners and by musicians themselves. These selections will be available for you each week. Moreover, there are daily Mixes of the Day, genre-sorted playlists of tracks you’ve listened to, and others like them.

Spotify also has very personalized radio stations that are based on your preferences. You can create a station not only by genre, playlist, or singer but also by individual track.

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What is so Special about Spotify?