What is Sony Music Ent?

The global music industry is run by the so-called Big Three labels. These are Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group. These three monsters of the music business own 70% of the global music market.

Sony Music Ent. has her own big three as the label’s top employees, they are Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, and TVXQ. SNSD is making a lot of money in Korea, while Super Junior and TVXQ are holding strong overseas, not only in China and Japan, but all over the world.

Under the huge question in SM right now are EXO, who debuted last year but haven’t been able to break into the spotlight yet. However, SME recently founded SM Beijing to target the Chinese market, and EXO-M’s subgroup can take advantage of this. China is a very profitable place, which is also growing rapidly. There are some problems with piracy here, but these issues will no doubt be solved by a rapidly growing economy.

Sony Music Ent

While SM Ent has taken over Korea and Japan with physical album sales, YG Ent has tight control over digital sales. In addition, they are the best when it comes to interaction through social networks, and their YouTube videos earn the most views.

The label combines innovative musical hybrids, makes you feel young and pleases even the most demanding listeners. A sense of style, unpredictability, thrills from music, exactly what the creators of the label pursue. A special selection of talents creating high-quality music is gaining momentum and well-deserved recognition from fans.

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Sony Music, like every big label, allocates decent funds for the promotion of the song, but at the same time absolutely does not care about the quality of the invested resources. As a rule, the money is sent to a partner marketing agency, which in turn simply pours the money into clumsy targeting and sends reports on the work done back.

But it’s worth noting that major labels have an incredibly efficient reputation. When your track is pitched to music venues and radio, there is a 90% chance that your song will be noticed if you collaborate with such a famous label.

If we talk about choosing a publisher for your music, then only the big three label will be useful. Although the infusion of funds is irresponsible, their amount still has a positive effect. The very fact of cooperation with one of the leaders of the world music market suggests that your music deserves close attention from any music publisher. We can safely say that this is your pass to the path to the musical Olympus.

For maximum efficiency, in addition to promotion from the production center, you need to conduct your own marketing campaign. Your own efforts, multiplied by the reputation and name of the label, will help you distribute the efforts to promote your music on the market as efficiently as possible.

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