What is SoundCloud Premier?

SoundCloud opened up the opportunity for authors of musical works to earn good money from their music.

One of the most popular streaming services of SoundCloud relatively recently announced the launch of a new monetization program SoundCloud Premier, which is available to all users of SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Unlimited accounts. This means that now musicians will be able not only to expand their base of fans using the service, but also to make good money on their own music.

soundcloud premier

Subscribers of the SoundCloud Premier plan can upload tracks to the service that are included in the monetization program. They can also be liked, reposted and commented on, and payments directly depend on the number of listenings and other parameters. In addition, Sound Cloud claims that the amount of royalties paid monthly to musicians will compete with many other music streaming venues. The administration of the service notes that only adult users can participate in the program, and monetization can only be applied to original compositions that do not violate copyright.

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Royalty payments must occur every month. Although there are several nuances here. The text of the author’s agreement with the service says that the company itself determines the frequency of payments. At the same time, the works of one author must earn at least $100 to begin paying him royalties. Although such a model is not new for streaming services, the threshold for starting payments in SoundCloud seems to musicians to be relatively high.

The undeniable advantage of the service is its versatility, in which one platform simultaneously combines a streaming music service and a social network.

So far, the program is not available in all countries. In the list of countries where the service works legally and SoundCloud Premier is open to artists – the United States, Great Britain, most countries of the European Union, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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