What Is Soundstripe Used For?

If you are a video creator, then one of your biggest concerns is getting licensed background music for your products. In this case, Soundstripe will be an effective solution for you.

Soundstripe is a free music subscription service. Royalty Free is a type of paid license, after purchasing which you have the right to use this music for monetization purposes in your videos or podcasts. In the case of Soundstripe, it works on a monthly or yearly subscription.

When you pay for a subscription, you get access to 5,000 licensed, royalty-free songs to use in your videos. That is, by purchasing this, you have the legal right to monetize and use the songs. This is the main task of this platform.

By joining a Soundstripe membership, you get access to all song licenses. That is, you do not have to pay for each separately, as on other sites, but only for membership. These types of licenses are ideal for video creators who constantly upload videos to platforms like YouTube or Facebook, as you can use unlimited music with just a subscription. These licenses allow monetization on YouTube and other platforms. Of course, it can also be used in podcasts and other formats.

Something unique about Soundstripe that is not found on other royalty-free music platforms is the Adobe Premiere Pro extension. If you’re using Premiere Pro to create videos, you’ll love this feature.

This extension allows you to view, import and license music and effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. While making a video, you can check which music is best for your production and choose the most suitable songs. The Sondstripe extension can save you a lot of time in the production of your video content.

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The Soundstripe song music library consists of over 5,000 songs. Compared to other similar platforms, it is slightly smaller, but all the content offered is of excellent quality. The library of this service is enough. It has a bit of everything: hip-hop, cinema, electronic, indie, acoustic, ambient, rock and more. In terms of effects, the Music and Sound Effects plan includes over 50,000 sounds.

Of course, there are downsides to Soundstripe, just like any platform. For example, you will not be able to receive royalties for posting your music on this service. And another disadvantage is, of course, a relatively small library of licensed music content.

Soundstripe is a very good free music service for video makers. The music plan is very cheap, especially if you pay annually. And it allows you to access high quality music. It is very important that you can have absolutely no doubt about the quality of all the music content that is contained in the large media library of this platform.

The licenses allow commercial use, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues. This service is quite suitable for DJs who use licensed music in their performances.

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