What Is Special About Resso?

If there is an area in which advances in the Internet, mobile technology, and applications have helped at all, it is music. Accessing songs has been easier since the inception of the web. We no longer have to wait for the release of a precious album or wait for the theme song we have been waiting for on the radio. Nowadays, there are many music programs and applications that will allow you to enjoy the best bands and artists online anytime, no matter where you are.

TikTok owner – Chinese company ByteDance – has launched the Resso music streaming app. As a reminder, this is an app created by the company responsible for the success of TikTok, the most popular app among Gen Z.

What Is Special About Resso

Today the platform is available in virtual stores for Android and iOS systems. It is free to download and offers various subscription plans if you want to access the premium service. Resso is available in two versions: free with ads and a subscription that costs about $1.35 per month on Android and $1.60 on iPhone (iOS). There is also a one-week trial period so you can test out the premium features.

In addition to the traditional features that almost any music streaming service has, this streaming platform combines elements of social media. The main element that makes Moon Video interesting is that it combines the functions of a social network. This is because you can comment, share and write opinions, messages and feelings about the music you have chosen. People can also record and post videos with their opinions. On the other hand, if you are one of those who love to sing, you have the option to follow the lyrics of each song. As the song progresses, the lyrics are synchronized so you can follow them.

What’s more, among other benefits of Resso, you can record the phrase of the theme music you are listening to and convert it to an image to share with your friends or other users.

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The main task that you can perform while downloading Resso is listening to music. But the application has several distinctive features that make it possible to consider it as an alternative among the programs offering this type of service. Resso is challenging itself and entering one of the most competitive directions in the market. However, its creators managed to enter the social media rivalry with TikTok, which shows that they are capable of producing the highest quality products that can fight the giants of the industry.

With Resso, you can create playlists with your favorite artists, songs and bands. Customize a list of topics for each moment. Maybe you want to read or study a range of topics, one for dining with friends, one for a romantic get-together, and one for vacation. Organize your music library the way you want.

You can also listen to music online without limits, without interruptions and without ads. You can even download it for offline listening. Take your favorite sounds whenever and wherever you want.

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