What is Spotify Discover

The fact that TikTok is one of the most popular social networks today is no surprise to anyone. ByteDance’s video app has gained global prominence, which has caused other platforms to copy some of its core features. The latest on the train – albeit on a trial basis so far – was Spotify.

The Swedish music streaming service has begun experimenting with a new section on its mobile apps. It’s called Discover, and its icon appears in the app’s quick access bar between Home and Search.

What is this section about? From an exclusive music video feed that the user can navigate by moving vertically in the best TikTok style. But Discover not only looks at the clips in question, it also lets you react to them. Users can use the heart icon to indicate if they like the video, as is already the case for songs in the 100% audio version of Spotify. And a menu appears with additional data about the music being played.

As we mentioned earlier, the new TikTok-inspired Spotify section is in testing. This means that end users won’t get it on their mobile devices yet, and it’s also not very clear if the music platform will definitely move forward with its adoption.

It makes sense that Spotify is exploring new ways to use audiovisual content. While the platform is still and will continue to focus on audio, it has been working with video for several years to broaden the horizons of its users, which by early 2022 exceeded 400 million people worldwide. So giving users the ability to use TikTok without leaving your app seems ideal.

Also, this new channel can really take advantage of the Canvas format. Recall that this feature allows artists to create visualizations that are displayed when a song is played. So, for example, users see not just a static image of the album cover, but a more attractive graphic addition. However, Spotify hasn’t made Canvas to everyone’s taste yet, but with Discover, it may find a way around it.

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It’s no surprise that the world’s leading music streaming service is integrating with the world’s leading video hosting service. Today, all the leading streaming platforms are trying to work with TikTok.

Such integration may lead to the introduction of video and the simplification of some functions for music streaming services.

But it is far from certain that the Swedish green giant will implement this feature for its users in full. This is not the first time that a Swedish music streaming service, after testing a particular software product, has not dared to release it to the public.

Initially, the innovation is tested on a specific group of users. It is unlikely that they can be called the target audience. Rather, it is a limited number of paid subscribers of one or another tariff, as well as a limited number of users from one or more countries in which Spotify officially operates.

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