What Is Spotify Family?

Have you used Spotify for free, but it’s not enough? If you want to upgrade to the Spotify Premium Family version, the paid version, but don’t know its benefits, then you should understand that Spotify Free is a free Spotify subscription that allows you to enjoy only a part of the fantastic universe of streaming music offered by the application.

Spotify Free actually limits the streaming quality to 160Kbps and doesn’t let you download the music tracks you want. With Spotify Free, you can listen to all the songs in the catalog but with commercial breaks during the session. From the application installed on your smartphone, you only listen to music in random order.

So, when you decide to listen to a song or artist, the app automatically generates a non-editable playlist, preventing you from jumping from one song to another, in fact, you have a maximum of six skips per hour.

About 50% of its users use the Spotify family subscription. A couple of years ago, Spotify even initiated a check of all family plan users using the geodata of their gadgets. After all, according to the terms of registration of the family tariff, all its participants must live under the same roof.

Yes, this was the real situation. But the streaming service’s attempts to deal with fake family plan subscribers were unsuccessful, as no such verification using geodata was carried out.

The Sotify family tariff provides for the creation of from one to six autonomous accounts within one tariff plan. This means that there will be one administrator who is fully responsible for paying and administering the account, as well as a maximum of five people who will use this plan at a significant discount.

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The family plan will cost $14.99 per month. If you divide this amount by six, you get a very discounted price for an individual subscription. In other words, each Premium subscriber allows five family members living in the same location to become loyal and subscribe to the Premium subscription, taking advantage of the 50% discount. Each family member will have their own Premium account with all the benefits that come with it.

As you may have read, the Family Premium subscription has many benefits, and above all, they are very useful for those who like to listen to music. you have access to all the music you want, without limits and in high quality sound. You can search and download songs, playlists and music albums for offline listening. Maybe the cost, if you think about it, is not so great.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, even during the trial month. Thus, at the end of the free period, your account will return to the previous version with the ability to re-login without losing songs, albums and playlists.

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