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What Is Spotify Platinum?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has long been the undisputed leader of the global music market. It has many advantages, including a huge multi-million dollar music library, a free version, and ease of use.

But for all its strengths, Spotify, which today has over 430 million active monthly users worldwide, lags behind some of its direct competitors in terms of sound quality. And it seems that the leaders of the streaming platform are finally going to solve this problem.

The Spotify Platinum plan with lossless music is generally releasing soon to compete with Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer’s HiFi plan. Back in early 2021, Spotify executives promised a lossless music plan.

This commitment may become a reality in the near future: the streaming platform sent a survey to its users with a link to the new Platinum plan, which will have HiFi quality and other benefits. But the subscription price will be slightly higher.

So far, the Norwegian music streaming service Tidal is considered the benchmark for sound quality in music streaming. So far, no one has been able to surpass its performance in terms of the quality of lossless music that is broadcast in one of the tariff plans of this platform.

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The Spotify Platinum plan should bring more quality music. Platinum brings everything that the individual Premium plan already has. However, there is a list of additional features starting with HiFi. This means that the plan will support high quality music, possibly lossless (i.e. no loss of quality), in line with the promise made by Spotify in 2021.

Presumably the prices for the plans are also shown:

  • $9.99 per month for Individual Premium
  • $19.99 for Platinum

If the rumor is true, the plan will put the streaming platform on the heels of competitors. To listen to the standard, it is enough to use compatible equipment. And it is natural to assume that true sound quality can only be heard on the highest quality audio equipment. It’s hardly worth paying for the most expensive version of the app using a few dollar smartphone headphones. It will just be a waste of money.

Sometimes you just want to go back to 2021, when Spotify promised to launch a HiFi plan that would include lossless CD-quality music. That is, everything is clean, without loss of quality due to compression. The problem is that nothing has happened yet. The only news came in January, when a moderator on the streaming platform’s forum said that there were no details about the launch of the new product. In other words, Spotify HiFi didn’t have a release date.

Meanwhile, Spotify has yet to confirm anything about the Platinum plan either. He also did not give a forecast of the release time of the plan with the lossless format. But users and fans of the Swedish music streaming service sincerely hope that their favorite platform will start streaming lossless music in the near future.

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