What Is Spotify Plus In 2022?

Users and subscribers of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify are accustomed to the fact that the service has four flat rates. But recently there was information that the Swedish green giant has developed a new tariff plan, which can be called fundamentally new. Spotify is one of the many music streaming providers on the market.

But interest in it is fueled by the fact that it is he who has the largest number of users among his peers in the music streaming market – almost 460 million people worldwide. Therefore, it is Spotify that reasonably claims to be the world leader in the music streaming industry.

With over 80 million tracks and numerous original podcasts, Spotify offers a wide range that will appeal to an equally wide audience. The streaming service offers many features that make listening to music easier on the one hand and save data on the other.

Spotify is currently testing a new subscription model called Spotify Plus. It should cost just 99 cents and combine elements of Spotify Premium and the free music streaming service offer. The free version is funded by separate ad streams. The free version contains ads, offers the worst audio quality, and also lacks the offline mode reserved for the premium version. Spotiy Plus is designed to combine the elements of Spotify Premium and the free offer.

With Spotify, you can listen to your favorite music on your mobile phone, PC or tablet and take it with you wherever you go and enjoy it. However, a paid subscription is required to fully enjoy music.

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You can also use the music streaming service for free, but then you have to listen to ads. Also, you can’t play certain songs, at least not on your mobile phone, only playlists. You can also only skip six songs per hour.

The premium offer is charged €9.99 per month, students and trainees can book Spotify Premium for €4.99 per month. But there may soon be a cost-effective alternative for everyone.

Spotify Plus combines elements of Spotify Premium with a free offer. While you still have to listen to ads in between, you can skip and switch songs as much as you like. You can also select specific songs on your mobile phone, not just playlists.

Whether there will actually be a new subscription model is still unknown. This should be subject to the approval of the testers. Based on experience, Spotify will test a new subscription for at least one year, after which, based on the results of testing, it will decide whether to implement it or vice versa.

It should be said that so far one of the world’s music streaming services does not offer anything of the kind. Well, this is not surprising, because it was the Swedish music streaming service Spotify that has always been the locomotive of the global music market and was the first among such platforms to try to innovate.

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