What is Spotify Plus Subscription?

Music streaming service Spotify has begun testing a new data plan, Spotify Plus. The Swedish green giant of the music industry has decided to develop and implement a new tariff plan. But out of almost 300 thousand users of this service, half use the free version, which, apparently, quite satisfies these users. Therefore, an alarming question arises as to whether a new tariff will come to replace the free version and replace it completely?

Spotify Plus is a hybrid of the service’s existing subscription options and combines elements of Spotify Premium and the free version. In the new plan, advertising remains, but there are no restrictions on listening to music – users can skip tracks and turn on the ones they need right away. In the free version, you can skip up to six songs per hour.

Spotify Plus

The price of a new subscription β€” $0.99 per month β€” is a tenth of the cost of Spotify Premium in the US. Spotify headquarters confirmed that Spotify Plus is being advertised at varying prices as part of the experiment. By the way, information about the new tariff plan is far from complete and very scattered. Many subscribers don’t know, but the Swedish music streaming service has flexible pricing policy based on the average wealth of users from a particular region of the world or even a particular country. Therefore, today it is still difficult to say how much this tariff plan will cost in a given country. Recall that, for example, the cost of a premium subscription in developed countries (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.) can be several times higher than in African or Asian countries that are developing economically.

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So far, music lovers who use the free version of the popular application can sleep well – the new tariff plan is available only for a limited number of users in the United States and it is far from certain that it will be launched in the form in which it is being tested, said representatives of the steaming service.

Whether the service will expand the geography of the new tariff plan is also still unknown. According to market analysts, the streaming platform will, in the near future, pursue a policy of restrictions for free users, forcing them to gradually get used to the idea of ​​the need to switch to a new tariff plan. But even with such a minimum payment, the use of the service will continue to be profitable. There is also an alternative opinion that the new tariff in one form or another will be introduced only for subscribers from economically developed countries. In any case, such actions of the leading music streaming can only be aimed at increasing its level of profitability.

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