What Is Spotify Purple?

Spotify has introduced a widget for the iPhone lock screen that lets you launch the Spotify app before unlocking your phone. However, the function is only suitable for the latest version of iOS available at the moment.

Before the release of the Spotify widget, users used third-party applications to create their own widgets. Now, thanks to the new widget, you can quickly open the Spotify application, which will save time on unlocking the phone and further searching for the application icon.

How to Install Spotify Widget on iPhone

  1. First update the Spotify application to version 8.8.26. To do this, simply go to the App Store, find Spotify and click “Update”.
  2. Then go to the iPhone lock screen.
  3. Press and hold your finger on the screen until the “Customize” button appears.
  4. Next, go to the widget selection area and find Spotify in the alphabetical list.
  5. Tap or drag the “Spotify” icon to add it to your lock screen.

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You’re done adding the Spotify widget to your lock screen. Now you can tap it to open the Spotify app from your lock screen with one touch.
The reasons that prompted the developers of the Swedish music streaming service to create a new widget. One can only guess, but most likely the decision to create a new version of the widget was made based on numerous reviews from users of the service. The platform wanted to empower its listeners and make the app more accessible and visually pleasing. Well, the appearance and modernity of the inclusion of a purple tone conveys white text to the music application and, instead of black text on a dark background, navigation through the application of your favorite songs and melodies.

If you want to switch to another music streaming service like Spotify, you’ll have to say goodbye to your music collection that you most likely built on your previous music streaming service. This is because you can only transfer the rest of your music collection using a third-party app. The best choice in this case is the MusConv application, which will transfer playlists quickly, cheaply and with minimal effort. from one music streaming service to another.

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