What is the best and cheapest music app?

With a stupendous variety of music apps out there today, you can easily get lost without the right directions. There are dozens if not hundreds of services out there all of which offer you “the best features ever” for the lowest possible price. Or so they claim. But in truth, only a few of them will actually not waste your time. 

There are apps out there so fiendishly, diabolically difficult that you’ll remember their name forever and ask to have them etched on your tombstone as a warning for the generations to come. Well, mayhap you won’t ever have to encounter one of those, but if you just take your chances and shoot in the dark you may very well make an impulsive choice you’ll live to regret. Or not. 

That’s why it’s useful to have services like MusConv at hand. Here you’ll find the best possible advice on dozens of the world’s best systems so you’ll get optimal experience and minimum trouble. 

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We’re happy to give you detailed advice on how to transfer tracks between the best music streaming services in the world, but ultimately you’ll find that the ones that stuck around the most and have the most users mean a much better chance of providing you with an experience you’ll love – and never look back. If you love two equally (that also happens), you can always get back to MusConv and transfer your tracks back and forth between any system of your choosing. 

So what’s the best and cheapest music app out there? Based on two factors we consider the most important, Spotify is an easy winner. Having acquired 31 000 000 users last year alone, Spotify’s numbers are intensely impressive: 345 000 000 users and counting (on 427 000 000 next year). 

Compared to that, other industry giants like Apple Music and Amazon Music are not even close. In the end, only user numbers are the real deal that will testify how worthy a service really is. Add to that the fact that Spotify is officially the world’s first music streaming service ever plus a huge array of features definitely worth your attention like a completely Free Plan, the world’ finest music discovery algorithm, and a vast library of over 70 000 000 tracks just to name a few – and you have yourself a real winner. 

Need more info? You can always find more useful advice, guidance, and pro tips on MusConv. See you soon! 

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