What Is The Best DJ Mixer App For Beginner?

If you’re just starting out on your DJing journey, sometimes it’s hard to decide on the best software. There are many basic DJ programs and their versions on the market today. It cannot be said that they are all equal, but each of them is suitable for a particular DJ and his requests. After all, someone is engaged in DJing at an amateur level, realizing their creative potential at home or among friends. And for someone, thousands of listeners at a concert become an audience.

It is difficult to say which application will be the best for you, it is difficult to single out the most popular. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we will talk about a few of the most popular.

Ableton Live is currently one of the most popular among DJs and producers around the world. Its intuitive way of working and its versatility to use for both production and play make Ableton a DJ favorite.

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  • Ableton Live is a software with resources configured so that you don’t miss anything for production, and by eliminating underused resources, in addition to being the most intuitive in the category, you can create your music in a few clicks.
  • Advanced features have been programmed to be easily used and added to channels using drag and drop, as is done on smartphones today.
  • Its interface is well organized and intuitive even for beginners.


  • Proprietary plug-ins leave a lot to be desired compared to other competitors such as Logic Pro, so you’ll have to invest in third-party plug-ins.
  • Now the main disadvantage is the price. The most complete version costs $749, which is very expensive. No wonder many manufacturers use a pirated version of the software. Version updates are free, but every time you change versions, a fee applies.

Virtual Dj, due to its free version, is perhaps best known among amateur DJs and enthusiastic DJs. The software is well suited for a first contact with the world of mixing, but it is no match for Traktor and Serato, their much more professional competitors despite the fact that they have evolved a lot in recent years. There are versions with a bit more features starting at $19.

  • Advantages: The main advantage of Virtual DJ is that it has a very complete and free version. other than that it is very easy to operate. With this software, anyone becomes an amateur DJ.
  • Weaknesses: instability. When a DJ is going to use live software to perform in front of thousands of people, he must trust the software. Can you imagine how you play and the program closes? This is the biggest complaint one can hear about Virtual DJ and finally the software lacks professional features and is not compatible with the best controllers on the market.

There are several other types of DJ software. But the decision to use this or that application can only be made after you can try it yourself.

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