What Is The Best Free Android Music App?

In the era of free content, the music industry is still struggling to overcome the crisis that began with the rise of online downloads. Users stopped paying for music, and the business as we knew it fell out of favor, especially with artists.

Music streaming services are perceived differently. There are music lovers who quite satisfy the most demanding user request even in their free version. And there are those who will not satisfy him even in their paid version with maximum access to the functionality.

Spotify is the benchmark music-on-demand service for the general public with 400 million monthly active users. It ended the first quarter of the year with 160 million paying users.

The Best Free Android Music App

This is a free service. There are paid and free versions. Free access to the entire catalog of the platform through Spotify Free works in exchange for advertising. In addition to ads between songs, the audio is of lower quality and doesn’t offer the ability to download music to listen to when you don’t have an internet connection.

Spotify is available in nearly 200 countries and offers a catalog of over 70 million songs without the video option. The compatibility of the Swedish music streaming service is simply amazing. It works with any type of device: smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop, both iOS and Android, Windows or Mac, some set-top boxes, smart TVs and car devices.

One of the strengths of the platform is the Discover feature, which allows you to find the artists, albums, and songs you like and expand your favorites.

The Weekly Discovery option offers a music streaming playlist with the most listened to songs of the week tailored to each user’s tastes, but also gives recommendations based on the day of the week or time of day, it even offers playlists that include music for different moods. Another possibility is to try “Related Artists” to discover new artists that might suit your tastes.

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Spotify offers several stations based on each user’s personal tastes (songs, artists, styles), as well as its own stations, presented by artists with whom it has exclusive contracts.

Many users appreciate the ability to share playlists and songs on social networks. More interesting, if residual, is the old commitment to include their own content through podcasts and videos with third-party programs, sometimes exclusively. But it’s, unfortunately, a near-derelict growth path for the Swedish music streaming service.

Today, you can find a huge number of music streaming apps that offer free services. It can be either a permanent free version or a free trial version.

Can the free trial period be considered as free streaming music? It is difficult to answer unambiguously, because in most of these platforms the free period is no more than one month. And in Apple Music, for example, a free trial version is valid for three months, and with participation in a promotion for new users, which is periodically held in some countries, up to six months.

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