What Is The Best Free Application For Smartphone Offline?

 Any music lover knows that with a smartphone and a music streaming service, music is always with him. This statement is correct if there is an Internet connection and there are no traffic restrictions. But what if there is a streaming service, but there is no Internet?

Streaming apps are now professional offline music players. For a small fixed fee, they provide recipients with the highest quality recordings. The number of available tracks is in the millions.

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in the world right now. Works on the freemium principle. If you agree to listen to ads, the entire song database will be available to you free of charge. Spotify can only do without the Internet after purchasing a subscription. In this case, the user can choose one of four plans.

YouTube Music – YouTube has created a music application that allows you to listen to recordings with a blank screen, including offline version. You have one month of free verified services, then recurring fees will apply.

Tidal – Doesn’t currently offer a free subscription like Spotify does. Promotions that allow you to use the site for 3 months for free are very frequent. The client can then upgrade to one of the paid packages.

Deezer is another adware app on this list. However, in the basic package, you will not find the ability to download songs. Listening without internet access is an option available with the $9.99 Premium offer.

Apple Music offers a 3-month trial period during which you can download your favorite recordings to your device. Prices for premium packages are similar to those of competitors. It is this streaming service that is considered the second after Spotify in the global music streaming market. It should be said that this platform is ideal for the Apple gadget ecosystem.

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SoundCloud is the only service on this list that allows users to comment on recordings. It is used by many aspiring artists. After a 30-day trial, SoundCloud Go is $5.99 and SoundCloud Go+ with higher quality audio is $9.99.

Amazon Music – Amazon, like other major streaming services, offers access to over 75 million songs. Amazon Unlimited Music costs $7.99 per month. However, Amazon Prime subscribers ($12.99/month or $119/year) can use a stripped-down version of the site with 2 million songs for free. Offline listening is of course included in the package.

Any good listening app for Android and iOS can do without the internet. Offline mode is considered standard in premium services. Of particular note are family and student packages, which significantly reduce costs. If you enjoy watching music videos from time to time, consider installing Tidal or Youtube Music. If you’re a dedicated music lover, consider buying a package from the Deezer app. Annual upfront users save at least 25% on music streaming costs.

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