What is the best free music app 2020?

With a colossal variety of music streaming services out there today, it’s not easy to choose the best one. You may end up downloading a client only to find out every other feature is to be paid for, which is really annoying. Some programs won’t let you get anywhere without paying even though it’s freeware! If you need anything done, upgrade to the Pro version. There’s nothing free about these. In fact, they’re so unfreeing you’ll regret ever choosing them! 

It’s tough choosing platforms that just give you great content without giving anything back in return. There are so many contenders, and not so many number #1s.

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But speaking of number #1, the good news is that there are helpful sites like MusConv that will help you transfer files back and forth between outstanding platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and much more. You’ll find plenty of quality content here that will enable you to find terrific services fast. 

For example, while we’re still on the subject of #1, the world’s first music streaming platform, Spotify, is universally known for providing outstanding quality to customers for over a decade. Here you can get music for free easily and use the free trial function to your heart’s content as long as you want. 

When you get to know Spotify a little better, you’ll notice that paying just $10 for the Premium version with its vast opportunities is more than a fair price. With higher quality of music, ad-free experience, opportunities to share the service with the ones next to you, and much, much more, Spotify understandably gathers hundreds of millions of paying users. What’s so great about it? 

Check out Spotify’s free trial on the site and more great news, advice, and entertainment on MusConv. See you soon! 

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