What is the best free music app today?

Music streaming is becoming more and more popular every day. Analysts of the global music streaming market claim that the of listeners and paid subscribers will increase annually by 25%. But most music streaming services can only be purchased with a paid subscription, and many users are looking to save money. Therefore, music lovers ask themselves the question – what is the best free music app?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify today one of the most popular platforms in the world, providing users with access to a huge library of licensed music with over 60 million tracks today. Its popularity is growing every year.

Spotify Free gives users free access to a multi-million dollar library of music tracks and core functionality. But the possibilities of the free version are still significantly curtailed – ads get bored, you cannot download music for listening offline, etc. The service’s management claims that at the beginning of 2021 its listeners were 300 million music lovers from around the world, and half of them are users free version of the popular music app.

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Spotify Premium – is a paid version. It will provide an opportunity not only to listen to music tracks in high quality without ads, but also to create your own playlists in order to subsequently listen to music offline.

When you subscribe to Spotify Premium, a free trial is available for all subscribers for the first month. If you cancel your subscription during the free version, the money will be fully refunded to your account.

Summing up, let’s say that the majority of music lovers use Spotify Free. The free version with the maximum functionality, which is not an obvious bait for purchasing a paid subscription, is the main feature of the service, thanks to which it has won the lion’s share of the global music streaming market.

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