What is the best free music app?

Today, music lovers have numerous music streaming services that are free to use. Some of them have long been very popular while others are just beginning the journey. Most streaming music services have two use cases: paid and free. In general, the free version always has limited functionality.

The most popular music streaming service of 2021 is swedish Spotify. It has 300 million listeners, almost half of whom are paid subscribers. However, Spotify can be used permanently for free. With this option, the Swedish streaming service differs significantly from Apple Music, another popular service that doesn’t have a free version.

By installing the free Spotify app, users can access nearly 70 million songs. Among them are singles and national music sections that are popular around the world.

Annoying advertisements that regularly disrupt the airing of your favorite songs is a major inconvenience. Those who use the free option will not be able to download music in order to listen to it later without connecting to the internet. The music scroll function is also not available. Otherwise, users of the free version can take full advantage of the Spotify streaming service, such as: For example, the high quality sound of the music they are listening to, access to the entire media library, and effective music recommendations.

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The second most popular french music streaming service Deezer also offers a free version. The functionality is also limited. Ads are boring, you can’t download your favorite music, there’s no way to listen to music without internet access.

The free version of both services is available for both mobile and fixed devices as well as the web version.

In practice, every second listener of the streaming service listed is a free user. We can safely say that the free version of any of these services is no less popular than the paid one.

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