What is the best free music application?

Today, searching for free music is much simpler than it used to be. Pirating is no longer the easiest possible way to listen to your favorite songs. Every year, music streaming platforms appear. However, there are only a few of them that stand out from the rest. So, let’s take a closer look at the leading ones and answer the question, “What is the best free music application?

What is the best free music app

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Deezer is a well-known service for quite a long time and is considered a high-quality music platform. It is possible to use this application for free, and it allows:

  • use the FLOW feature;
  • view song lyrics;
  • create endless interesting playlists and music mixes that are based on the preferred artists’ compositions.

When you log in to the Deezer app for the first time, a large number of different playlists catch your eye immediately, and the service first of all suggests trying the Flow function. If you consider this FLOW function closer, then you should know that when you do set up, it prompts you to choose the artists you like, and after that, the magic of algorithms starts. It should be noted that they work really great.

Of course, you’ll also have to face limitations like commercial breaks and the inability to listen to music offline. However, if you wish to, an app offers a premium version for that. It provides you with such features as better quality of the sound and the possibility of listening to favorite music content offline.


This Swedish music platform was firstly launched in 2006. You can use the application on any PC operating system and on every possible platform, including Tesla cars, and Sony consoles. The developers promise easy access to more than 50 million wonderful tracks.

After successful registration, users will be shown a playlist to select the tracks they like. The selected songs will be saved in the Song section. The application analyses the tastes and once in seven days it will offer the customer an updated list of recommended songs.

It has a possibility of free usage, however, there are certain restrictions:

  • sound quality 160 kb/s.
  • random playback only. You can skip a track seven times per hour.
  • the Previous key is always locked.
  • no offline listening.

However, the huge advantage of Spotify is that there is no annoying advertisement while listening to tracks.


Probably, the SoundCloud app is one of the most excellent services for fans of music, especially, if you’re a fan of the electronic or indie genre. Here you can find interesting tracks that you can’t find anywhere else. The search is well-thought-out and it allows you to filter tracks by genre, style, artist, date, and popularity.

For the ordinary user, this service is absolutely free. The only nuance is that with free streaming customers should “enjoy” advertising inserts from time to time. Of course, if you download tracks to your device in advance, this unnecessary “bonus” will be avoided.

In addition, you can also register an account for free. It offers the following benefits:

  • ability to fill the favorite folder with tracks you like;
  • creation of personal thematic playlists;
  • chance to subscribe to new releases from your preferred artists.
  • joining different groups.
  • sharing tracks on your social networks.


Pandora is a favorite music streaming platform for millions of people for years. Its uniqueness is in its user-friendliness and cross-platform maintenance. You may enjoy your music content on almost any platform and your personal stations will be synchronized.

With a free version of Pandora’s account, users are restricted to radio functionality only. Pick a song (or whatever you want) and it will create a station for you. Press the thumbs up to have Pandora playing analogous music in the future, and press the thumbs down in order not to hear that song anymore (or similar kind of songs).

In the meantime, subscribers of the free package have the opportunity to listen to a low audio quality only, it is limited to AAC + 64KB at most. It is also unavailable to download content to PC, such as premium users do. For the rest types of users, there are similar accesses: the same number of dropped songs, the same stations, and the same random commercials.

Jango Radio

Jango Radio offers music both from well-known and non-famous artists. It’s a completely free, personalized radio service that plays your favorite music by the artists you prefer to listen to.

Unlike most other services, this one enables independent artists to pay a fee to have their songs played, and it helps keep the application free. This platform is a good opportunity to discover new music compositions.


  • live radio broadcasts;
  • possibility to create custom radio stations;
  • different listening quality;
  • synchronization with social networks.

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If you want to switch to a new music platform, the MusConv application can help you. It will move any amount of music content from one service to another in some minutes. Download the program and start your free trial period!