What is the best music app 2020?

If you’re looking for hands-down the best music app in 2020, you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety you’ve got at your disposal. There are dozens if not hundreds of companies out there, and you’ll have some memorable times going through them one by one and trying to figure out what’s best. You could skip the hard work and check out the reviews, but how to determine which ones of them are fakes and which ones aren’t?

What’s the best way to easily and quickly find out what’s the best music streaming app around? 

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You may go by factors like music quality or most extensive free offers, but ultimately you need something that combines as many success factors as possible. One way to save you a ton of frustration is to stick with the industry giant Spotify who’s not only been around longer than anyone else but also boasts more active subscribers than any other system. Here are only a couple of beautiful things Spotify will give you 24/7/365, completely free of charge: 

  1. A colossal music library with over 70 million tracks
  2. Discover music using the world’s most sound (pun not intended) music discovery algorithms 
  3. Download tracks to your heart’s content (Premium) 
  4. Get it for next to nothing if you’re a student
  5. Get a great mix of new and old (but only the best of both) 
  6. Much, much more with paid versions. 

Check out Spotify’s free trial on the site and more great news, advice, and entertainment on MusConv. See you soon! 

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