What is the best music app?

Compared to 20 years ago, we’re exceptionally lucky to live in a world where the Universe’s best music, books, and even content like art is right there at our fingertips. Imagine asking someone like Michelangelo back in the day what it would be like to have access to the world’s most professional libraries and art of everyone who’s ever existed. Awesome or what? Probably also be surprised that mostly use the Internet to look at pictures of cats. 

Why is it though that we have works practically on our hard drive or within a couple of clicks that are nothing short of miraculous – like opera, Oscar-nominated movies, pretty much all philosophers of the old – and yet here we are lazily scrolling through Facebook or reading (no offence, Bash community)? 

It is because there is so much content out there these days that isn’t exactly of the highest quality and finding goof quality stuff is so much harder. Companies at some point learned that attracting the reader’s attention is not at all about giving them good things to read and listen to. It’s about acting so convincing that people will believe they have a great product on their hands even if they don’t. 

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That’s why it’s so difficult to find a good music streaming service these days. There are tons of systems out there claiming they’re the best at what they do, but you often get services that provide so many unpleasant surprises you’ll wonder why you spent that half an hour of your life even looking at them. 

No fear! MusConv is always here for you if you need advice, guides, or comparisons on the best music apps out there – or if you discover another gem and don’t want to part with your music, so you just want to transfer tracks from one system to another. 

Here’s a pro tip: one way to find out if a service is good or not is not just to look at the reviews (which may very well turn out to be fake), but to also look at the date of conception. Industry’s first (and according to some the only) Spotify is probably the best to this day with hundreds of millions of users, almost half of whom are paying Premium members, and a ton of features you’ll love straight away: 

  • Quickly and easily download and install it 
  • Get access for free straight away 
  • Enjoy delicious sound 
  • Get latest releases 
  • Get music recommended specifically for you with surgical precision
  • Discover an amazing library with millions of tracks
  • The biggest fan base out there 
  • Bargains 
  • (much more with paid versions). 

If you ask us, by far the best service out there with its plain unbelievable content is Spotify. Don’t take our word for it though: check out other outstanding services like Tidal, Amazon Music, and dozens of others, and MusConv will be here for you if you ever want to move tracks back and forth between them or just want more advice. See you later! 

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