What is the best music streaming app?

There are many music streaming services on the internet. Of course, each user will choose their service, but global statistics claim that today swedish Spotify has become one of the most popular streaming services in the world. It is confidently one of the three leaders in the global streaming music market, and its audience in 2021 exceeded 300 million listeners, of which almost half are paid subscribers. The platform has a very serious impact on the entire music world in general. For example, the swedes paid $ 16 billion in royalties to the copyright holders of songs, which cannot but attract both experienced and novice performers.

Today the service is available in 120 countries around the world, and its music library exceeds 60 million tracks. The service is used on the web, in a desktop, in smartphones, it can be used in a stereo system, Smart TV, on a game console.

So why is it attractive? Let’s list only the main advantages of such a popular streaming service:

• a huge media library with over 60 million tracks;

• high quality sound of the music you listen to – 320 kbps;

• the ability to create playlists and music preferences;

• function of listening to music offline (for premium subscription);

• flexible policy for paid subscribers: at least a month of free trial use, four premium subscription options, in some of them you can create from two to six individual accounts;

• effective loyalty program;

• intuitive, practical and simple interface.

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Compared to other well-known music streaming services, Spotify provides access to better music streaming, a larger library of music tracks, and more functionality. But most of these services are similar to each other – options, prices, a set of music albums, etc. But Spotify somehow naturally stands out among them for the better. This is facilitated by the precise algorithm for forming playlists and musical recommendations, and an interface that is understandable even for an inexperienced user with a simple and understandable set of functions.

It’s no secret that it is Spotify that is mostly used by music industry figures to promote their new works.

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