What is the best music streaming service 2019?

Do you have a question about which music streaming service is the best? Many systems out there today offer services that are nothing short of legendary (take, for example, Tidal’s music quality, Pandora’s experience, Apple Music’s power of presence).  However, if you’re looking for the best streaming service out there, Spotify is no doubt your best choice. 

Spotify is an online music streaming service that really sets the standard for the whole industry. For many, Spotify is the first and only music streaming service they have ever used.

It was founded in 2006 by two Swedish entrepreneurs, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. The idea for Spotify came from frustration with the poor quality of mobile music services at the time.

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It has since grown to over 345 million users, 145 million of whom are paying Premium users. And it’s probably worth listening to them when they tell this is the greatest service out there. 

The free version offers access to limited content, while the premium version (priced between $9.99 and $14.99 per month or more) features no ads and other numerous benefits. You’ll get access to higher quality audio as well as offline playback for your mobile devices and computers – all for a handful of dollars equivalent to a cup of o good coffee. Plus you can share it with loved ones and friends. There is no end to delicious surprises you’ll encounter when exploring Spotify!

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