What Is The Best Music Subscription?

A subscription from a few euros a month today allows you to access millions of songs whenever and wherever you want. Choosing the right service for listening to music is not always easy, and below we will illustrate the main pros and cons of each analyzed service.

The most popular music streaming service in the world. Spotify offers several interesting features for its users. The strength of Spotify is its algorithm. The more we listen, the more the app gets to know our musical tastes, suggesting new songs that we’re more likely to like. This makes Spotify the best in the market in terms of song selection for the user. The experience is very enjoyable precisely because it is customized according to what we need. Another strong point is the playlists.

 Which Music Subscription Is Best

Spotify boasts a huge catalog of playlists, both official (managed by Spotify’s own curators) and third-party (record labels, radio, networks, etc.). In addition, personalized playlists are created for each user, that is, containing a mix of songs created specifically for our musical tastes.

Speaking of audio quality, Spotify doesn’t do well. Even in the Premium version, the maximum is 320Kbps. I must say that for most users this is not a big problem. On the other hand, those who are music lovers and, for example, use high-quality headphones, may be disappointed in this regard.

Apple Music is an Apple-branded streaming service second only to Spotify in popularity. Recommended for those already dealing with the Apple ecosystem. It offers a huge number of songs and a large number of playlists. However, compared to Spotify, the algorithm seems to be clearly less advanced. It is constantly updated, but it seems that we are not at the level of competitors yet. Many users often report that they are offered songs that have nothing to do with their tastes and what they usually listen to. Naturally present podcasts, integrated better than on Spotify and in greater numbers.

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The advantage of Apple Music lies in sound quality. In fact, it has been possible to listen to songs in very high resolution for several months now thanks to the lossless format (ALAC) at 192kHz/4bit.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, the procedure is very simple and is common to all services. Just log into your account and turn off auto-renewal. With Apple Music, you won’t be able to listen to songs anymore, while with Spotify, you’ll just be downgraded to a free plan and lose the premium features.

It is these two music streaming services that are leading the market today. The undisputed leader, of course, is Spotify, but the product from the corporation from Cupertino is also not far behind it. Therefore, you can safely choose to subscribe to one of these two music streaming services.

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